I anticipate that in less than 12 months time, I will be writing almost exclusively in Swift. Many developers, companies and projects have already hit that changeover point. Objective-C isn't _quite_ dead yet though, and there are many people still using it.

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Please Enter Your Password

How many times have you entered a password into a computer, phone or tablet?

Hundreds of times? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Anyone who’s spent any time using any kind of internet-connected device will have a basic working knowledge of what passwords are, what they do, and why they exist. But as the builders of these products, should we be giving passwords a little bit more attention?

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Behind the Bleeding Edge - Why I'm Still Using Objective-C in 2016

I really like Swift. It has an expressive type system, a concise syntax, named parameters and a nice implementation of an option type. My experiences with it so far have been mostly very positive.

Up until now, however, I haven’t shipped a single line of Swift code into production.

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